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Why you should adhere to a single health and fitness tracker for finest results

If you are critical about your conditioning targets, irrespective of whether that’s losing, getting, or protecting (and if you’re seriously fashionable with your method, “maingaining”), you ought to adhere to just one health tracker or smartwatch.

This is not model A vs brand name B or model X vs model Y. Whatsoever your choice is, it is essential to adhere to the unit you opted for, irrespective if it’s created by Apple, HUAWEI, Samsung, Fitbit, Honor, or any other maker.

Why should you adhere to one particular physical fitness tracker?

I have been marinating this idea for rather some time but by no means bought to really crafting this shorter viewpoint piece, or, dare I say, piece of tips. The thought resurfaced when I began carrying a system I lately obtained in for evaluate while continuing to put on my Apple Watch day-to-day driver.

You see, when it arrives to making use of a health and fitness tracker or smartwatch, these are not classified as skilled conditioning gear, but alternatively a extra hobbyist solution. Hence, it’s not about accuracy, but about regularity.

Not one exercise tracker or smartwatch is accurate

Just before you prevent studying, just imagine about it for a second. Yes, they are all striving to get as accurate as feasible, but except you prepare in a skilled lab setting with professional medical gear hooked up to your human body, you’ll hardly ever know your correct heart fee, VO2Max, recovery times, and so on.

…and that, in and of by itself, is not automatically a challenge. The issue, as I alluded to, is consistency, or lack of it.

Whilst sporting two smartwatches I realized the somewhat significant distinction involving the readouts. We’re conversing about a 2,000 move depend deviation concerning the two, which, if you take the proposed 10k for every working day, is a 20% deviation.

fitness tracker smartwatch

The very same goes for heart level. From 130bpm to 110bpm there’s an roughly 15% deviation. Extrapolate that to an whole day, and your finish estimation of your calories burned is way off. So now you require to regulate your calorie intake.

And, just so you know, the energy reported as burned on your unit are estimated, based on several readouts, one of the most significant becoming heart rate, but it usually takes into thought your stage rely, top, excess weight, age, etc.

Not to point out that on 1 unit it seems that I have slept near to 8 hrs, the other a single claimed 6 and a 50 % hrs.

Why consistency is extra vital than precision

You see, if you get all of the earlier mentioned into thing to consider, you may well say “heck they’re all off!”. And you may possibly be suitable. Having said that, the edge of sticking to just 1 product isn’t realizing that claimed gadget is inaccurate or believing that it’s correct. The advantage is figuring out that the inaccuracy is dependable.

If your view above or beneath-reports your ways, heart fee, or even calories, you can know for sure that it will do the exact matter tomorrow, and the working day after tomorrow, each single working day, every single training.


That is the crucial to thoroughly altering your schooling intensities and durations, as perfectly as your calorie intakes, subsequently. You get rid of the variable.

This is really significantly the identical with scales. A scale that will be off by 1kg or about 2.2 pounds will be continuously off by the very same quantity (no, we’re not speaking fluctuations on the similar scale thanks to water consumption or retention).

The base line

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In the close, all that matters is to know your gadget is completely wrong all the time, by the very same factor of magnitude, which makes it additional of a consistent accuracy in its inaccuracy, instead than mixing up your products and throwing you entirely off your focus on, or your journey in getting there.

Apple admirer? Go with the Enjoy. HUAWEI lover? Go with their View. Any other fan? Go with whichever your coronary heart needs, just make confident you adhere to that, realizing you can turn inaccuracy into an advantage by producing it regular.

Enable me know what you feel, and how your gadgets aid you or prevent you from achieving your aims.

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